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Which is good for the hospital? Certain oral, high-end not high

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The introduction of new technologies to lead the United States to grow new benchmark In recent years, the Chinese people by the tooth ache, the traditional way to see teeth and the need for a long time to recover and so on, now, YSGG water laser comfort, painless implant emerged, completely resolved the patient's all concerns, this powerful implant is the world's most respected dental doctors, is the twenty-first Century oral treatment to " comfortable painless " direction of the key technological innovation. Data show that 90% of patients treated with water laser no sudden pain, without the use of anesthetics, which is dental treatment in the past never seen before. So and so is the only hospital affiliated to Peking University, Capital Medical University, Beijing Stomatological Hospital, Beijing Tongren Hospital,, Beijing private hospital, the only one with this equipment and the use of technology. So and so the technology innovation, to ensure the treatment process of comfort, painless, safe and accurate. The strong and powerful technology is that it has four major advantages: 1, the whole process of the implant is comfortable and painless There is no traditional drill & quot; Zi Zi & quot; sound. In the course of treatment, not dozen anesthetic but do not feel pain. The whole course of treatment, the patient's mouth always refreshing & hellip; & hellip; YSGG laser comfortable and painless implant application, let see tooth pain and tension become a thing of the past, in the combination of water and laser, the patients feel is water laser like flowing water warm and comfortable. 2, less bleeding, small wound, into the operation " micro " Era The two stage of dental implant surgery using a water laser for the ring, most of the surgery without anesthesia, and the operation of small wound, less bleeding, to provide a good vision for doctors. 3, highly effective disinfection, sterilization, to further ensure the success rate of operation The unique characteristics of the water laser can effectively control the pain, inflammation and swelling in the operation area, and can reduce the infection and swelling, and can effectively improve the success rate of implant. 4, short course of treatment, quick recovery, daily life " micro " influence In the process of the implant, the weak laser can shorten the recovery time and reduce the influence on the daily life of patients. At the same time, the maintenance of water laser can effectively prevent the occurrence of the disease, and further extend the life of dental and other natural teeth.