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World diving champion to visit our hospital to visit the exchange

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November 22nd, oral health group image spokesperson, the world diving champion to visit the oral hospital visits, the hospital executive director, the director of the rectification of hospitality.

Accompanied by a visit to the VIP consultation room, disinfection supply room, dental technician room, anesthesia recovery room, the hospital good treatment environment and high quality medical services, said high, then, also on the hospital's new technology, new equipment showed a strong interest, especially CAD/CAM diagnostic equipment, but also the scene to pick up porcelain veneer communication exchange, the process details the oral advanced treatment concept and new introduction of high-end repair technology, equipment, seriously listen to the mouth, the mouth is committed to provide the best treatment and service, and moved.

Finally, and the medical staff to take pictures, and sent a sincere wish, hope that the mouth is getting better and better, for more people to bring a smile.